Thursday, January 17, 2019
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May Sentenced For Attempted Aggravated Child Negelect

A judge has sentenced a woman to serve eight years in prison for her role in the beating death of her 23-month-old child Colten Alexander May.

20-year-old Jessica May entered a plea to attempted aggravated child neglect in DeKalb County Criminal Court Wednesday. Her sentence coming a week after a judge sentenced her boyfriend Cody Key to serve 45 years in prison for his conviction of second degree murder in the case.

Authorities say in May of 2014 the couple brought the deceased child to a local hospital, where officials later determined that the child died from internal and other physical injuries.

Authorities say they charged May with aggravated child neglect, because she was not responsible for the child’s death, but turned a blind eye abuse inflicted on the child over a period of time.

Investigators determined that the abuser of the child was Cody Key who will now have to serve 100 percent of his 45 year prison sentence, meaning the 25-year-old will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars.